History Of The Museum

The establishment of the Cinema Museum of Iran was the fulfillment of a dream; an accomplishment that delighted the advocates of Iranian culture with the promise that the efforts of the founders and enthusiasts of this artistic industry will be recorded and safeguarded as a guiding light for the future generations, as well as a source of pride and honor for those who have watched the reflection of their lifetime achievements on the silver screen. By the foresight and aspiration of the managers of the Cultural Spaces Development Company (affiliated to Tehran Municipality), the Cinema Museum of Iran was launched in September 1994, aiming to collect, safeguard, record and provide a proper presentation of the Iranian cinematic heritage.

With the faith and support of Messers Abbas Kiarostami and Ezatollah Entezami, and the diligent efforts of Messrs Jamal Omid, Amir Esbati, Behzad Rahimian and Azizollah Sa’ati, the efforts of the museum founders eventually paid off in May 1998. The original building of the museum was opened in Pirnia alley (Lalehzar Street) in a ceremony attending cinema personalities and supporters, as well as the IRI vice-president Mr. Habibi.

Exactly four years later, the museum was moved to its current location and reopened in September 2002 in the presence of His Excellency President Mohammad Khatami. It has been proceeding with its activities in the current format ever since, and receives a large number of visitors from cinema enthusiasts to researchers everyday.